Sunday, February 3, 2013

Spanish, Spanish, and more Spanish…

Soooo this post is from Thursday, I just never put it up!

This week has been spent in language class- five hours a day! Plus a LOT of homework. Since the course only lasts three weeks there is quite a lot packed into each day. So we have that from 8-1 every day (with a coffee and bread break halfway through, thank goodness!) Then in the afternoon we usually have a speaker or watch a documentary or something like that. Today I am going to a yoga class at 4 and then playing some fútbol at 7! Tomorrow will also be fun, after class we are going to visit a community where they have some volcano-heated spas. The language school hosts a dinner and party each Friday for all those who have completed their course that week, so that will also be a nice chance to relax. Then on Saturday we are traveling to spend the night in a community with a large indigenous population and go to their artisan market on Sunday!

It is nearly impossible to sleep here, even with earplugs. Apparently the cool thing to do is light fireworks in the streets every hour or two. Also, there are bajillions of stray dogs on the streets and they have barking contests every six or so minutes. Nevermind the fact that it is COLD. It starts out around 40 and creeps up to about 70, so it doesn't seem like it would be bad. However, most buildings are not fully enclosed and there isn't indoor heating. So basically the cold just crawls into your bones and lives there. I can’t say I’m not looking forward to El Salvador and Nicaragua! I know I’ll regret that when I live in a pile of sweat, but I’m used to being hot all the time!! I'm pretty much freezing from the time I wake up until the sun comes out of the clouds around 10 and my professor and I move our class to the roof terrace to soak up the warm. 

Anyway, it’s definitely been interesting to be surrounded by Spanish pretty much all day, for class and then with my host family. I’m getting more comfortable speaking, but it also makes me realize how many mistakes I make and how difficult it is to portray complex thoughts and ideas.

There is also a GORGEOUS running trail here. I’ve been running with my friend Rachel in the morning before class. The trail winds up a mountain and I definitely can’t run the whole thing yet, it's so steep! However, you can see the ENTIRE city from the lookout points and we are there right as the sun comes over the mountains. Absolutely worth getting up early for, that's for sure!

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