Sunday, January 27, 2013

Host Family

Well, today I moved in with my host family! I’ll be living with them for three weeks before we move on to Cantel. I was very happy to find three kids in the house! I’m not sure if I understood correctly, but I’m pretty sure they don’t live here but come over a lot; they are my host mother’s grandkids! They also have two birds and a Chihuahua with 2 adorable puppies! So, I spent the afternoon playing hide and seek with 2 dogs and a five year old girl as well as cars with a six year old boy! There is also a really cute 2 year old boy! I got to each lunch with the kids, my host mother, her son, daughter, and daughter’s husband. I was very entertained when they used the 6 year old’s hot wheels cars to demonstrate their different parallel parking techniques. Definitely something I could picture happening in my house!

Also, I have to say when I walked in and kids were running around everywhere and pets were making all kinds of noises it reminded me of somewhere I’m quite fond of…

Tomorrow we begin our languages classes from 8-1 each day and then we have different activities in the afternoon. In addition, PLQ, the language center, has different activities at night that we can attend if we want. Count me in for fútbol on Thursday!

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